Options for Metal Finishing and Deburring

Hobbyists know there’s nothing like the feel of a shiny, metal part fresh out of the box. What many people don’t realize is that those parts weren’t pristine right off the assembly line. Even the most precise metal manufacturing techniques can leave some imperfections on the edges and surfaces of the piece.
Before a metal part can be packaged and shipped to the customer, the final product must be inspected and treated for “burrs”. Metal burrs are sharp edges and rough surfaces that form accidentally when a piece is stamped or cut into shape. Not only do these edges interfere with the assembly process, they’re prone to injure the workers who handle them.

Removal of burrs, or deburring, is an standard part of the metal finishing process. If you intend to manufacture metal parts and bring them to the market, you must determine which option is right for your company. Here are some of the options for metal finishing and deburring services in Cambridge, Ontario.

Manual Deburring

Some manufacturers take on burrs manually using ordinary tools like drills, scrapers, and edgers. Many companies have these tools on hand already, so it takes only a small capital investment to finish the piece in-house.

However, manual metal finishing lacks precision and consistency. There is much room for error in manual finishing, which puts workers and customers at risk of injury. Both situations can leave the manufacturer open to liability.

Mechanized Deburring

When manufacturing a high volume of parts, companies will often invest in mechanized tools and systems made especially for metal finishing and deburring. These methods include power brushing, bonded abrasive finishing, abrasive blasting, and thermal and electrical deburring. Of course, these specialized tools require a large upfront capital investment, and workers must be properly trained to operate them.

For many manufacturers, it is wise to outsource this work to companies that specialized in metal finishing and deburring. There are companies offering these services right here in the Greater Toronto Area. One of such firm is Latem Industries, which does deburring services in Cambridge. Latem has been a pioneer in metal finishing and deburring services in Cambridge since 1977.