Top 5 Free Popular SEO Tools for 2018

Before you start your career in marketing your business online, you need to understand every single thing or how the industry works. It is hard at first but getting the hang of it will make your life easier and help your business get to the top. There are tons of articles, blog post, and video tutorials to rank your business online. You don’t need a dime to spend because there are many tools that are free to use to help you get started.

Here are the 5 popular SEO tools you can begin to use:

  1. Google Analytics

Know your target audience and people visiting your site. The Google Analytics can track data within a variety of groupings:

  • Real-Time
  • Audience
  • Acquisition
  • Behavior
  • Conversions
  1. Moz Check My Listing

It gives you a way to audit the NAP and easy to fix by you or you can pay them to do it for you. This tool is for quick analysis and improvement. As you go below you see this four tabs:

  • Complete
  • Incomplete
  • Inconsistent
  • Duplicates

Pay attention to the “Incomplete” one. It will indicate you can update or create a new listing for your business.

  1. io

For every small business, the keywords have a huge role in SEO campaign. It helps you what keywords to use to your target or the content you are building.

  1. Google Keyword Planner

It’s a tool for businesses looking to the pay-per-click campaign. On top of it, you can also check the level of competition and suggested bid for all the keywords you have selected.

  1. SEMrush

It allows you to create optimal content while also prominence what the competitors are doing. It is a side-by-side assessment to picture data and see the shared keywords and trends.

The other features include:

  • Position tracking
  • Brainstorming/ideas for building more organic traffic
  • Technical SEO audit
  • Backlinks auditing
  • Ad keywords and creative research
  • Discover trending keywords

Remember that you need to give it some time to collect the date since it is a computer generated tool. Also, check the algorithm once a day to track the progress of your website. It is not a one-day success rate. It will take time and patience to rank your site. Just be sure to explore all the tutorials for you to understand how it works. Also, use the free tools. This will help you gain visitors in succeeding days or months without spending a dime.